PDS Update

Information about the Offer in the PDS may change from time to time, if the change is not materially adverse to Investors and the RE wishes to provide that information to investors, then the RE will make such information available on this web page.

Section 13 of the PDS

In Section 13, Quantum Group means companies owned by Quantum Group Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 059141 632 and Quantum Holdings Services Pty Ltd ACN 140 595 400.

Section 6.2.3 of the PDS

Ryan Jones is no longer the Financial Controller for Quantum Group.

Benjamin Dillon has replaced Peter Gribble as Chairman of the RE.

Scott Riddell has become a non-executive director of the RE on 11th April 2013.

Brent Mulligan has is no longer the Fund Manager.

Robert Mason has replaced David Caragher role in Atlanta.

Karen Bair has been employed to run Indiana office.

Byron Posadas has been promoted as USA Senior Asset Manager, and is responsible for the overall management of the US team.


Sections 3.3.7, 3.13 and the Application Form accompanying the PDS – Applications

As indicated on the Application Form accompanying the PDS at 14.4.2, the Fund accepts application moneys for units in the Fund in AUD and USD. The Fund will continue to accept application moneys in AUD and USD and will publish the monthly issue price both in AUD and USD. The exchange rate that will be used for the conversion will be the wholesale AUD:USD exchange rate issued by the National Australia Bank at closing time on the relevant date (being the last business day of each month).

Section 3.9-Distributions


Initially the RE intends to pay distributions to Investors half yearly, usually at the end of June and December each year, for the first three years of the Fund’s life and thereafter the RE intends to pay distributions on a quarterly basis.

The RE has decided to pay distributions quarterly, March, June, September, and December each year, from the 30th June 2012.


As indicated on the first page of the Application Form accompanying the PDS, Investors may nominate to receive distributions in either AUD or USD. The Fund wishes to advise all Investors that this nomination may now be changed each quarter in respect of any distribution to be paid at the end of the relevant quarter (if any), provided that:

1. the nomination is given in writing to the RE by no later than the day falling 10 days prior to the last day of the quarter;

2. the Investor has given in writing to the RE accurate and complete details of a bank account in the Investor’s name in the relevant currency corresponding to the nomination; and

3. the RE has satisfied itself in relation to any AML/CTF identification and verification requirements relating to any nominated account, in its discretion.

All such communications to the RE should be delivered to

Quantum Funds Management Ltd
GPO Box 2593,

or sent by facsimile to + 61 2 8823 5281.

Until such time as a nomination provided by an Investor meets the requirements set out in 1 to 3 above, the RE is entitled to pay distributions to an Investor in accordance with the Investor’s prior written and proper nomination.

Section 3.8.1-Expected Borrowing Level

The PDS stated that the RE proposed that the “look through” borrowings initially of the Fund will not exceed 80%, The RE has decided to reduce the upper limit of the REIT Expected Borrowing Level to be no higher than 60%.

Definition “REIT Expected Borrowing Level” means up to 60% of the value of the Property, as described in Section 3.8.1

RG 46 Update June 2016

ASIC requires responsible entities of retail unlisted property funds to address eight disclosure principles set out in its Regulatory Guide 46 Unlisted property schemes – improving disclosure for retail investors (RG 46). Please click on the attached PDF file to view our full RG46 disclosure document.