Fund Structure

The RE has established the Fund named the Quantum USA Residential Property Fund (the Fund) ARSN 150-434-138.  The Fund has been established to invest in residential property in the USA.

The Fund has established the REIT, which is a  Delaware limited liability company (formed in the USA) which is intended to be classified as a “real estate investment trust” for US federal income tax purposes. The Fund will invest the subscription proceeds of the Offer, subject to the payment of fees and costs and holding any Deposits, in units as well as an investment in the form of debt in the REIT and issued by the REIT (the REIT Interests).  The REIT, in accordance with the Fund’s investment strategy will acquire USA residential property assets. As at the PDS Issue Date, neither the Fund nor the REIT has acquired any assets.

The Fund is a registered managed investment scheme registered with ASIC.

The Fund has appointed a custodian AET, to hold the Fund’s Assets on behalf of the Investors.

The RE has appointed Quantum as the REIT Manager.  Quantum has appointed QRE as the Transaction Manager for the REIT.